Pantone Colors for Fall / Winter 2019!

Fall & Winter 2019 Pantone Color Trends

We are coming close to my favorite time of year . . . Fall ya'll! And each season the amazing people at Pantone Color Institute create fashion color trend reports. It's basically their top color picks for fashion designers to use for their coming seasonal collections. And yes my post is a little late. As Pantone usually releases their trend report for fall usually in February. But as Fall is approaching I thought I would share the colors to help "spice" up your fall wardrobe. There are a total of 31 Pantone colors this fall season.16 of them are from the New York Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Color Palette collection and the remaining are from London the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Color Palette. I am very excited for this fall season in fashion as the colors vary from bold and strong reds like Pantone color Chili Pepper, to softer hues like Pantone color Vanilla Custard that are not usually expected in the fall season. However when paired properly these colors will leave you with a bold sense of confidence. Below are the colors from the New York Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Color Palette collection. If you want to view the colors from the London Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Color Palette. So here are the colors from the New York Collection . . .

Pantone 19-1557 Chili Pepper

Fall’s leading color is super spicy especially with a name like Chili Pepper. This shade of red

is exciting and is designed to stimulate your fashion the same way that a chili pepper stimulates your taste buds. This red adds just the right drama and excitement while still knowing how to be classy all at the same time. No wonder it's the number one fall pick. I would recommend pairing this with

Pantone 19-1557 - Chili Pepper

Pantone 19-1650 Biking Red

Biking Red comes cycling in at number 2 for Falls color choice. While Chili Pepper has a warmer side that adds a spice of drama, Biking Red is deeper which makes this color as adventurous as its name. The deep hues of red make it strong and powerful. This visual power house could be worn by itself or pairs easy with others. Take a look below for my recommendations on the perfect pairs.

Pantone 19-1650 Biking Red

Pantone 12-1110 Créme de Péche

Is a very softer, calming shade of peach. This color isn’t just soft and calming it's a perfect addition to this years fall season that you wouldn't normally see in fall. Just because this is not a normal fall color I can guarantee that these soft and warm peaches are going to be the next "pink" thing. Peach hues are here to stay. In fact Pantone rolled out two peach shades for fall. Probably because peaches tend to look good against all skin tones. This may not be a bold color this season but this soft, warm hue is the perfect compliment to almost all of the colors in this seasons trend report. Here are a few of my pairing suggestions

Pantone 12-1110 Creme De Peche

Pantone 15-1530 Peach Pink

This is the second peach tone this fall season. Peach Pink has more of brighter energetic feel vs Créme De Péche giving it a flattering glow. And just like Créme De Péche, Peach Pink will pair nicely with the majority of the Pantone fall 2019 colors and all skin tones. This color is very flattering.

Pantone 15-1530 Peach Pink

Pantone 19-1234 Rocky Road

With a name like Rocky Road who won't fall in love with this rich brown tone. It is a sweet indulgent shade of deep brown that will leave one feeling grounded. Rocky Road is also a earthly tone, so the name is a perfect fit for this sweet and earthly shade. This shade will go great with so many styles including funky new prints and flattering nearly every skin tone.

Pantone 19-1234 Rocky Road

Pantone 17-1926 Fruit Dove

Fruit Dove is a bold and stunning shade of pink that can't be ignored. Fruit Dove is vibrant and fun and will make all the right statements worn on it's own or paired. Fruit Dove was used a lot throughout New York Fashion Week. Simply put Fruit Dove is a stunning, powerful color. Pinks are tending and on the rise and this one is top on my list. Here are a few of my pairing favs. . .