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5 Reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

So, why do I believe you should contact a wedding planner (hello, hi…me) for your occasion? Ok in all honesty, I am not just writing this to gain customers, but to inform all of you beautiful couples who have never done this walk down the isle how intense the day-of can be. Your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life, the first page of the new chapter as a couple. And when you look back on that day do you want to be able to remember having a blast with your loved ones or instead running around like a briezilla because the dj didn’t play the right song, or your grooms men are too drunk to pull of their speech, the cake didn’t show up, the list cold go on and on. I have been there are both sides, as a bride and as a planner and I know that wedding ceremonies are so beautiful & happy but come with lot of planning. What people do not see is ALL the behind-the-scenes of the wedding. And a lot of things must come together including months of preparation to pull off that moment of happiness. That is where the wedding planner comes in to save the day and allow the beautiful bride and her groom to enjoy their day, stress-free the way it’s meant to be.

When you hire a #weddingplanner you don’t have to handle everything yourself. And here are some reason to take in consideration.

1.) Wedding Planners knows how to make your wedding unforgettable. They have done this several times and a few hundred if they are really good. They have seen all the fires & mishaps and know exactly how to extinguish them quickly. When a couple chooses to go the DIY route they usually call on the help of their friends, family and definitely themselves as the wedding planner. This will result in an over-stressed situation for everyone.

2.)Budgeting. So let me tell you a little secret. Even if you checked prices of a venue, dj, fodd, etc. the prices can change based on the season & even on how booked they are. Here is where your wedding planner (umm, hi me again) can step in and be your hero. Wedding planners know where and how to get the best deals. Again, this is something we have already done. We typically can even save you some money, as we get discounts and know how to negotiate with local vendors. which brings me to my next reason.

3.)Wedding Planners have connections. This will help you have reliable vendors. If you go into planning on your own, you need to find vendors on your own, which means meeting with several vendors and then maybe even dealing with one who may not do the job you hoped for. Now don’t get me wrong even as a planner myself I have come into this situation, but have learned to crossed them off my list and have a dozen more vendors to pull from. A wedding planner has more than enough vendor contacts and with reliable vendor. A vendor who will make your wedding a dream come true and you will be happy you hired a wedding planner.

4.)The goal of every couple is to have an amazing wedding they and all their guest can enjoy. Can you say hashtag #weddingoftheyear. And as the couple you should not have to deal with all of the distractions to steer you away from your amazing day. With the help of a wedding planner you can then focus on your day, so you can be sure to have fun and enjoy each moment!

5.)My last and biggest advise to give you is to remember that this is your day! Something is definitely going to go wrong, but you can only control so much. So remember all the positive moments and not the mishaps, when you have a planner by your side.

It may seem like having a planner is out of budget but honestly, you can’t afford not to have a planner. Even if you don’t want to release full control, look into Partial Planner so you can enjoy your final few months of engagement peacefully or even a Day of Planner (NOW this one I truly recommend no matter what!). Having a professional by your side who can provide you with the best recommendations and resources can save you so much time and money. You deserve to be as stress-frees as you can during the process and if you’ve never planned a wedding before it can get chaotic to do on your own. A planner is here to help you every step of the way and to make sure that everything you have dreamed of for your wedding day comes true. Bottom line hire a wedding planner! Trust us! This day only happens once!

If you want more information on Why you really need a Day of Service Wedding Planner check out this post.

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