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Spring / Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

It may be hard to say goodbye to 2019, but it's a new year & a new decade has begun, which also means it's time to get ready for a new era of fashion. As I like to put it " A new decade, a new you!" We saw a lot of outfits showcased in the fashion shows held in Paris, Milan, London and New York this past September showing us some insight to this new era of fashion. If you missed the fashion shows of fashion week, have no fear, as I was deep in study at what the designers showcased and what the newest trends will be. Not all of the looks showcased will ever make it on to the streets or even into your closets. Wether it's the latest colors, material or patterns I am here to help pick the best trends coming off the catwalk this season, to keep you looking stylish for the next decade. So I have put together a list of 15 major fashion trends for #Spring/Summer 2020 to help get your wardrobe of to a good start. These trends are big, bold and statement-making. Remember "#A new decade,A new you" so don't be afraid to make a statement this fashion season you normally wouldn't!


1. Neon

If your someone who was able to catch #fashionweek this last September you may have needed a pair of sunglasses. With designers like  Tom Ford, Caroline Herrera and Valentino who did #neon head-to-toe. We also saw several other designers do their own play on #neon. We all know neon has been trendy the past few years, and guess what? It's going to stay that way at least for another season! We saw touches of fluresent pink, orange, blue and yellow, but the one true highlighter hue that showcased throughout fashion week was highlighter green. If you're afraid to go full on highlighter, know that it pairs well with white, black and beige. With that being said neon is definitely a trend you will see all over. So get your sunglasses ready.


2. Colorful Leather

Leather is typically reserved for autumn and winter when it comes to fashion seasons, but it seems leather is set to make a colorful debut this Spring. Personally I am so excited for this trend! I love leather or faux leather and have always stuck to black when it comes to leather. So with "A new decade, a new you" I am going to take a leap and try this trend. During fashion week some of the catwalks felt more like a rainbow with designers like Coach showcasing #colorfulleather in Jackets while other designers like Alexander McQueen used colorful leather with pants. Some of the standout colors to incorporate into your leather look should include sunny yellow, orange, teal and grey. These colors where all over the runway and will be all over this spring season. We are already starting to see these colors hit the streets. If you're not sure how to incorporate the leather into your wardrobe try a leather blazer, slit skirt or even a midi dress. There's no mistaking that leather (all types including vegan & faux ) is the one material everyone's excited for this coming season.


3. Big Bags

For those who prefer practicality (me) over the micro trends that we saw last decade (2019) when it comes to bags, the wait is finally over. OMG! I am super, super excited about this trend. I am not sure how excited my husband will be about this one, as he is constantly complaining about how big my bags are, but #YOLO! If any of you know me personally, then you know I am already obsessed with #bigbags. I mean I am a #momoffour, so you can never have a bag that is too big. And guess what I saw a-lot of this last September on the runway? You guessed it, Big Bags! With designers like Bottega Veneta, showcasing huge, I mean huge bags be ready to put your whole life into this trend. To me no outfit is complete without the right accessory, and to me the right accessory would be a tasteful bag with ample amount of storage.


4. Floral Prints

It wouldn't be a spring fashion trend report without some sort of flowers, now would it? We unexpectedly saw florals this last winter season, which are normally reserved for spring and summer, but those florals we saw throughout fall and winter were more of a dark romantic floral print. As we get into spring and the weather warms up so will your floral print this fashion season. #Florals are set to return this spring in a big way, they were seen all over at September's Fashion Week. Designer Marc Jacobs used florals and infused them with drama by using metallic and ruffles. Expect to see a lot of designers using roses and big floral prints through their collections to make them feel elegant and romantic this spring. Florals are always safe and visually appealing for springtime.


5. Retro - Seventies - Denim

Expect to see the '70's as a baseline for pretty much all trends hitting 2020 for both Spring and Winter! With that being said I think this is fashions subtle way of breaking up with the '80's and '90's looks that have been around for a while. And the first place to see the '70's style take over . . . denim! With designers like Hedi Slimane who showcased '70's style denim, and not to mention designer Celine, who could possibly be the most influential collection for #Spring/Sumer 2020. Slimane (creative director for Celine) made #denim the focus of their spring collection which had strong ’70s references with flare jeans, embroidered denim shorts, and denim jackets. There are way more '70's inspired looks this year we will see beside denim, and a few more on my list too. Just keep reading. They include looks like crochet tops, cut off shorts, collars and ruffles to name a few. Which, may I also mention will pair perfectly with '70's denim. To me nothing is sexier than a nice flared jean with a killer pointy silhouette heel. Skinny pants can't even compare with that look! Now don't get me wrong, I also love skinny jeans, but I am so happy to see the flare make a come back, it's been way too long.


6. Retro - Seventies - Collars

And just like that, disco's not dead," said Harpers Bazaar. "The wide collar favored by the Studio 54 set made a surprise comeback on the spring 2020 runways". The collar has taken a huge inspiration from the '70s this spring season. I am going to be honest, I am not sure how I feel about this trend yet. We saw a modern twist on the '70's collar hit the runway on jackets and shirts from designers like Ferragamo, Victoria Beckham and Saint Laurent this past September. This look seems to be showcased a lot with contrasting colors to give it a dramatic look. I expect to see a lot of this triangular trend throughout 2020.


7. Rope Belts

You don't have to spend a lot of money or probably go far for this next trend. You might already have one of 2020's most fashionable accessories. Rope! Yes, you read right, rope!

#Ropes are being used in place of belts this Spring season, which add on to the clinched waist trend we saw over winter. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL TEENAGERS (including mine): This doesn't mean the shoe string from your shoes! I repeat this doesn't mean the shoe string from your shoes. We saw Christian Dior and many more designers showcase rope belts throughout their collections which included a variety of of knots, twists and layers.


8. Bra Tops

Okay all my #Selena lovers, now is your time to shine! Expect to see lingerie-inspired tops this spring season. Crop tops will take a back seat this fashion season to bra tops. Most of the ones to makes its way into retail will probably be crochet, floral prints and yes even sheer. We saw designers like Dior, Givenchy and Giambattist use this look down the #runway. To me the perfect way to pull this look off is to pair it with a high waisted pant, possibly those flare denims that are number five on this #2020SpringSummerFashionTrendReport. And if you could find a colorful leather bra top . . . you would so be trending!


9. Shorts

In 2020, we are saying goodbye to the last decade and with that we are also saying goodbye to sporty shorts, a.k.a biker shorts (thank God, I hated that look); and saying hello to more formal shorts. Me personally, I do not like shorts, but if you have to see them then I would totally prefer to see them dressed up and classy! Designers like Chanel & Saint Laurent they totally gave shorts an upgrade with classic materials like tweed, leather and sequins. Across the #runway there were actually two different lengths that we are going to be seeing a lot of, which are hot pants and Bermudas. With this classy look on shorts we will be seeing a lot of suits with shorts. Expect to see the short suit in a lot of bold colors and prints. With big influencers like Cardi B and Zendaya who been seen wearing Short Suits, you can expect this to become the new power suit that millennial boss babes will favor. Which will bring right into our next trend for 2020. . .